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Our Chester moss treatments will minimise moss in your existing garden lawn, Green up the entire lawn and help strengthen the grass to make it more disease resistant

Chester moss treatment

Our Chester lawn fertiliser treatments provide basic nutrients for healthy growth, nitrogen for leaf growth and colour, phosphate for plant regeneration and potassium for root development & grass strength. By understanding the soil type we use an appropriate fertiliser, not a one size fits all approach which you get from shop bought products.

Chester lawn fertilising

Our renovation services is a major overhaul of an existing lawn including over-seeding. This could include aeration, scarification, over seeding, application of a fertiliser to specifically aid seed germination, top dressing

Chester lawn renovation

Our Chester lawn weeding will will achieve a uniform appearance across the lawn and by removing the weeds the grass is no longer competing for the moisture, nutrients and air not all weeds are killed by any one weed killer so we use a range of products to address the specific weeds in your lawn.

Chester weeding

Our Chester lawn scarification services will help clear thatch and moss from your lawn. This will help aid penetration of moisture and much needed nutrients, encourage new growth, reduce the chances of fungal disease and Discourage insect infestations such as chafer grubs and leatherjackets. Scarification is carried out using a petrol driven machine. The process can be quite brutal and the lawn may take some time to recover. Depending on the amount of thatch and moss a large quantity of debris can be produced

Chester lawn scarification

Our Chester lawn aeration services will relieve any compaction in the ground, increases the flow of air, moisture and nutrients to the grass roots, encourages deep root growth making the lawn stronger, improves drainage from the surface, aids lawn recovery after periods of drought and encourages the natural breakdown of thatch by naturally occurring micro organisms. Aeration can be achieved by spiking, fracture tining or hollow tining by petrol driven machine. Fracture tining and spiking are very effective in opening up the soil with the minimum of disturbance. Hollow tining requires the removal of soil cores which will either be left to breakdown or they will then need to be cleared up.

Chester lawn aeration

Chester lawn care services

Lawn Care Chester | Lawn Care Chester | Lawn Care Chester | Lawn Care Chester | Lawn Care Chester | Lawn Care Chester