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All of our garden paths and steps services come with a written 5 year guarantee once completed. This is for customers 100% peace of mind. At Love Garden Design we understand how difficult the decision is putting your trust in a company to undertake your chosen landscaping ideas and we hope offering this written 5 year guarantee will put our customers mind at ease and show how confident and experienced our landscaping services in Chester truly are.

Here at Love Garden Design we believe that linking the areas within your garden with solid, durable pathways which match the rest of the garden is essential. There are so many ways to form a pathway linking up certain areas of your garden space and they can be a focal point of your garden if though out and installed correctly.

We offer to plan and install any form of new garden pathway including brick paving pathways, gravel pathways, timber or decking pathways, paving pathways, tiled pathways, shell pathways, railways sleeper pathways, cobble stone pathways and crazy paving pathways.

Chester garden paths

Here at Love Garden Design we also believe that new steps interlocking lower and higher grounds within your garden can be a stunning focal point if thought out and installed correctly. Again the materials chosen must match the rest of the garden space and almost blend into their back ground. There are many materials to choose from including natural stone, railways sleepers and brick. What ever the choice they must be installed to a high standard to ensure a long life span and a safe area to climb. Railings can also be installed wherever needed to help climb the new steps easily and safely.

Chester garden steps

Natural stone garden steps in Chester Railway sleeper and gravel steps in Chester Block paving pathways in Chester

Chester garden paths and steps

Paths & Steps Chester | Paths & Steps Chester | Paths & Steps Chester | Paths & Steps Chester | Paths & Steps Chester | Paths & Steps Chester