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Here at Love Garden Design we have come to realise that many gardens don't need a lot of construction work, they just need a really good choice of plants to show off the garden at its best. There are literally tens of thousands of plants to choose from and our Chester gardeners can help decide which plants will get the most from your garden

Whatever type of garden you have, whether it's a shady, dry, difficult spot or a windy, hot exposed hillside, there are plants that are naturally adaptive to those conditions. Let our gardeners help change these usually plant free areas into areas of beauty.

All our planting schemes are the result of careful consideration and expert knowledge. The secret to good planting is introducing plants which will be happy in the conditions which prevail in the garden already.

On our initial visit our gardeners will study the soil, take note of local climates and discuss with you how much time you can spare to look after the garden. After all, the right plant choices should make the garden a joy, not a chore.

Like most things in life, plants cost money, so don't waste it by guessing what might or might not grow in your garden.

Our garden planting services are offered all year round depending on what planting you require we will need to forward plan what times of the year are best to carry out your desired planting service.

We work closely with many local nurseries to ensure we source any required plants at unbeatable prices and perfect health.

We also undertake commercial planting projects on any scale, please contact us today with any planting or flower bed services in the Chester you require

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